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Bailey Standard Peach Rootstock

Prunus rootstock 'Bailey peach seedling'

Bailey seedling come from fruits harvested from orchards of the Bailey fruit variety. Because the Bailey variety is considered very cold hardy, the assumption is that the seedlings of the fruit are also nearly as hardy. Produces a 100% sized peach tree. Likely compatible with other stone fruits such as plum, prune, nectarine, and apricot, which often are budded onto peach seedlings.

These seedlings were grown by Grandpa for his potted tree operation in the greenhouse and are extra.  Limited supply.

Sold by the bundle only.  The Large grade may be big enough to spring bud soon after planting.  The Medium grades will need some time to grow, but might take a small spring bud.  The Small grade will need to be lined out and grown through the summer to gain size for budding. 

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3910 Bailey Standard Peach Rootstock (1/8-1/4" Medium grade), Bundle of 10 $24.00 Add to Cart
3911 Bailey Standard Peach Rootstock (1/8" Small grade), Bundle of 20 $29.00 Add to Cart

Prunus rootstock 'Bailey peach seedling'
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips

All peach rootstocks require well drained soils. Light sandy ones are the best, but heavier soils with clay and higher organic content will be OK if they are well drained. Peach roots do NOT tolerant standing water for any period of time. Chip or "T" budding is recommended for grafting peaches.

A Little History about Bailey Standard Peach Rootstock

Grandpa is not totally convinced that "Bailey" is any more hardy than other peach seedling varieties commonly used in the industry. Most of the research he has seen doesn't seem to indicate there is a great amount of difference between the different varieties commonly used for seedling rootstock. However, it seems to have gained the reputation for greater hardiness, and Grandpa is lucky to have found a source.