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Feel free to contact Grandpa with questions or about your order.

At Grandpa's Orchard, we try to answer many of your questions personally, and work hard to help solve any problems you might have.  If you cannot find the information you seek online, have a problem of any kind with your order or purchase, or just want to suggest an improvement to help make Grandpa's Orchard™ better, please contact us.

For general information or help with a specific backyard orchard fruit growing problem or question, email to: AskGrandpa

For help regarding past or current Grandpa's Orchard™ online orders, email to: Please include your order number and full name, address, and phone numbers.

Click "Customer Service and Help" for our claims handling policy and complete, long form warranty, but typically we go well beyond our normal warranty terms in order to keep our customers happy. 

If you are using the contact form below, please be sure to include a message in the "Additional Comments" box so that we have an idea of what you are contacting us about.  Thank you.

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