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Apriums and Pluots are interesting hybrids of plums, prunes, apricots, peaches and nectarines that some plant breeders have developed.  You find them in the produce departments now, but we have just been able to find sources of trees to sell.  Most of these hybrid varieties are protected by plant patents and trademarks, so it has been more difficult for us to find sources so that we can offer them to you.

It is not easy to develop these crosses, as they do not usually happen in nature.  The reason is that most of the parents bloom at very different times, and the pollen from one will not be viable to pollinate another when its blossom is open.  Breeders have overcome this problem by planting many of the parents in containers and then manipulating their bloom times by holding them in cold storage or forcing them to bloom earlier in a greenhouse.  They then hand collect pollen and make their crosses with the other parent.

Apriums and Pluots have fussy pollination requirements, so pay attention to their descriptions.

We cannot ship any stock to California , Hawaii, Canada or outside the USA.

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