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Hyrbid plums are either natural or man-made crosses of Japanese, European, and domestic American varieties and species of plums.  In almost all areas of the US you will find wild plums growing that have adapted to their region.  In the far North, plant breeders have selected wild parents with extraordinary hardiness and crossed them with their Japanese and European "cousins" or have selected high quality wild cultivars and bred and introduced many "hybrid" crosses.  They are not truly Japanese or European types, but form a class of their own--- that is why we now list them separately.

Usually the hybrid plums have much better cold hardiness so that they can tolerate winter temperatures which most normal varieties will not.  The fruit quality is typically good, but they often do not have the large size as Japanese or European plums. 

Hyrbid plums usually should be pollinated by other hybrids, but sometimes they will cross-pollinate with Japanese or European ones.

We cannot ship any stock to California , Hawaii, Canada or outside the USA.

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