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Our Spring 2021 Inventory is posted and we are taking orders!

The Spring Shipping Season will most likely begin around April 1st and run through the end of May, starting with Southern states and warm hardiness zones and working our way North, depending upon the weather.

Non-plant products can be shipped quickly year around.


  • Our most frequently asked questions are right below.
  • Many other general FAQs may be answered on the page links below.
  • A Growing Tips page may already have the specific info you are looking for. Check there first!
  • If you have a particular question we haven't answered, go to the Contact Us page and ask us.

FAQ: When do we charge credit cards?
We DO NOT charge cards until we actually ship your order, just in case there is a problem in fulfilling it. Sometimes cards will get declined because of the long period of time between authorization at time of order and the actual time we run your charge. In those cases, we will contact you asking for current credit card information as ALL credit card info is stored on a secure service with our processors and we do not have access to the card information and numbers. This is for your safety. If we have a problem processing your card, we appreciate a quick response back to us so that we do not hold up shipping your order any longer than necessary.
FAQ: What is our warranty and claim process?
We typically warrant our fruit trees to grow and thrive for the first season after they are planted as long as they are taken care of properly and not planted outside of their recommended hardiness zones. If you are having any problem with a tree after planting, please contact us immediately. We can often help diagnose the problem and help you through it. Don't wait until next year to make a claim as trees will either grow and thrive or they won't. Click the terms and policies page below for more complete information and how to file a potential claim.
FAQ: Why don't we ship to all areas of the country or out of the US?
Each state in the US seems to have its own particular restrictions and laws pertaining to plants and nursery stock. We try to comply with every state, but some states are so restrictive that we just do not ship to them. Others have restrictions on only certain plants. Go to the Terms and Policies page below for further information. We will ship NO PLANTS to California, Hawaii or out of the country. Other non-plant products can be shipped to all states.
FAQ: How are shipping charges calculated?
We have found UPS to be our most reliable shipper as they will ship to almost everyone. Other shippers may exclude many rural remote areas. UPS charges EXTRA for the large boxes we have to use to ship our large and tall trees in. Other nurseries may ship small trees in smaller boxes, but our tree boxes are almost 60" long and thus get extra length charges. Because they often are light and do not weigh much, almost all are charged by dimensional weights (DIM weights), so shipping charges are based on volume of the box.
Important ordering note: ONE tree will usually cost as much to ship as up to FIVE trees. So ordering more trees on the same shipment is the most economical.  
Our shipping calculator is based on the number of TREES shipped, so if you have ordered other products than trees, the shipping charges may seem off. We adjust shipping charges in most cases on products other than trees.

FAQ: When will my trees be ready for pick-up?

It is highly encouraged that customers that are requesting a "Customer Pick Up" provide us with a date that they would like to pick up their trees, at the time they place an order, by requesting a date in the “Special Instructions” box during the Checkout Process.

  • If you have already requested a date, you will receive an email from Grandma Lee confirming your date, along with instructions on how and where to pick up your trees.
  • If you have NOT requested a date, please email with the date you’d like to pick up your trees. Grandma Lee will email you back confirming the date, along with instructions on how and where to pick up your trees. Your order will not be ready for pickup without a confirmation email.
  • Please DO NOT call our storage facility in Watervliet! The staff at the Watervliet Fruit Exchange CANNOT tell you if you order is ready. They are strictly a storage facility for our trees and do not handle any orders or customer questions. Please call our office at 877-800-0077 or email us at
  • Our Customer Pickup option are only available Monday thru Friday (no weekends) from April 15th thru the end of May, so please plan accordingly. Thank you!