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Ambrosia Apple

Malus domestica 'Ambrosia'
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Ambrosia is a beautiful yellowish background apple with a bright pinkish-red blush over much of the fruit.  The skin is smooth without russeting.  The flesh is crispy, juicy, and sub-acid.  The flavor is very pleasing.  Grandpa thought it was one of the best new apples when it came out years ago.

Ambrosia was discovered in British Columbia as a chance seedling in 1980.  For several years it was available as an open variety to US apple growers, but the Canadians discovered that it was such a good apple for them that they restricted and "clubbed" the variety for the remainder of its patent life.  US growers had to then join the "club" if they wanted to grow it, but now the variety is again open to all.

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