Prunus rootstock Mahaleb seeding - Mahaleb Semi-standard size Cherry Rootstock
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Mahaleb Semi-standard size Cherry Rootstock

Prunus rootstock 'Mahaleb seeding'
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Mahaleb (Prunus) [80-90%]---The most common semi-standard size rootstock commonly used for tart cherries, and sometimes for sweet cherries which do not show graft incompatibility. Produces a vigorous tree with good anchorage. Deep rooted, drought tolerant, winter hardy and productive. Does NOT tolerate wet soils. Best for well drained, sandy soils. Not tolerant of phytophthera or oak root fungus. Very few suckers.

Mahaleb cherry is most commonly used for tart cherry varieties. In the US the most common seedling strain is not compatible with most sweet cherry varieties, but lately an imported strain, called CT 500, has come from Europe, where it is very compatible with sweet cherry.

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