Prunus rootstock Krymsk 5 Semi-Dwarf rootstock - Krymsk 5 Semi-Dwarf-size Cherry Rootstock
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Krymsk 5 Semi-Dwarf-size Cherry Rootstock

Prunus rootstock 'Krymsk 5 Semi-Dwarf rootstock'
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Krymsk 5 Rootstock, 1/4" caliper grade -EACH
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Krymsk 5 (Prunus avium) [65%]--- Similar in size to Gisela 12, this semi-dwarf cherry rootstock is not as precocious nor as productive. When properly managed, the Krymsk 5 will consistently produce a premium quality fruit that can be grown in a wide range of soil types, including heavier soils than the Mazzard rootstock. Krymsk 5 rootstock originated in Russia where it is well adapted to cold climates, yet reports show that it also performs well in hot climates and regions of the western U.S. Root systems are well anchored and do not need support. There are noted low to moderate levels of crown suckers, and trees grafted to Krymsk 5 show hypersensitivity to Prune Dwarf Virus and Prunus Necrotic Ringspot Virus.

Krymsk 5 has been used in commercial production in Oregon for over 10 years.

Cherries are more difficult trees to propagate. Grandpa recommends "chip" budding, which is easy to learn and highly successful. You can also use "T-budding". You usually can start budding when your scionwood is mature and buds are developed and readily and easily cut and removed from your scion stick. Usually by August in most areas.

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