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Scionon™ Grafting Shears

Scionon Grafting Shears
Scionon 12mm Grafting Shears (Right handed)
Scionon 14mm Grafting Shears (Right handed)
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Shipping for these items will be adjusted lower as our calculator is based on shipping a tree in a larger box than this will likely be shipped in.  This could also be shipped with trees if on the same order.  Typically we ship this item via Priority Mail in a padded envelope, which costs approx. $10.60.  We will strive to ship in the most economical manner.  WE DO NOT SHIP TO CANADA OR OUTSIDE OF THE US.

SCIONON® Grafting Shears™ are extremely versatile hand-held tools allowing unskilled persons to prepare at least 6 graft types safely and easily. With training and practice these tools enables the novice grafter to prepare the following grafts - rind, whip & tongue, cleft and wedge grafts.  It can also cut chip and ‘T’ buds.  These tools are portable hand held devices allowing a multitude of applications. 

The base tool is supplied with full operating instructions, spare blade and fixings.  The optional holster attaches to a belt and also has pockets for a knife and sharpening stone and/or spare blade storage. 

Grandpa's Orchard now offers the newest models of the Scionon Shears.

Scionon™ SGS4-12R Prepares graft wood 3mm to 13mm (~1/8 – ½”) in diameter.  Most suited to whip & tongue grafting and peeling ’T’ buds for insertion onto rootstock.  The 12mm Shears are an economical entry level shear for hobbyists and light grafters.

Scionon™ SGS4-14R  Prepares graft wood 5mm to 16mm (~3/16-5/8”) in diameter.  Most suited to whip & tongue grafting and peeling ’T’ buds for insertion onto rootstock.  The 14mm Shears are an economical shear for that will handle most grafting by growers and hobbyists.

Scionon™ SGS4-15L  (LEFT HANDED)  is a new medium duty configuration which will handle the full range of wood from 3mm to 16mm (~1/8-5/8") in diameter, and is suitable for all types of grafts.   Ask about current availability.

Scionon™ SGM5-22L  (LEFT HANDED)  is a new heavy duty configuration which will handle the full range of wood from 3mm to 22mm (~1/8-7/8") in diameter, and is suitable for all types of grafts. THE 22mm SHEARS ARE RECOMMENDED ONLY FOR THE MOST HEAVY WOODS, WHICH MOST GRAFTERS DO NOT ENCOUNTER.  Ask about current availability.

All models of the shears take the same blades.

If you have a question over the correct size to purchase, please ask Grandpa who will be happy to recommend the correct size based on the type of grafts you are making and the sizes of rootstock and scionwood you are using.

Grandpa and his family have been in the nursery and fruit tree industry for over 60 years, selling and brokering fruit trees to commercial orchardists across the country and operating their own fruit tree nursery.  While most nursery production is via conventional chip budding, grafting has always been a tool in the nurseryman’s toolbox.  With the development of Scionon™ Grafting Tools, the inventor and designer Ian Adams, has made it a goal to allow users to greatly improve their productivity, whether on the “bench” or “in the field”.  Scionon tools help to reduce or eliminate the skilled knife work that can take years to develop.  Less skilled people can efficiently perform most of the grafting tasks with a short amount of training and practice.  Ian Adams is the founding director of SCIONON™, an established New Zealand company specializing in the development of innovative grafting tools.  Ian has over 30 years of grafting experience.  He has been an orchard worker, owner, manager, contractor, consultant and nurserymen; and has amassed a wide range of complimenting skills and knowledge that he has put to good effect.  Recognizing the void in mechanical propagation devices and aids, Ian’s inventive mind lead him to develop several specialist tools for use in the horticultural industry.  This passion has resulted in the development of several innovative grafting aids which have the potential to revolutionize the way budding and grafting are carried out.  Research to date provides evidence that there is potentially an unlimited international market for these innovative new devices.  Scionon™ has already established strong interest locally in New Zealand and Australia.   We are proud to be affiliated with him.