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Malling 9 Dwarf Apple Rootstock

Malus rootstock 'Malling 9 clonal rootstock'
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Pajam 2-Malling 9 rootstock (35-40%) is a clone of old Malling 9 which was chosen for better anchorage and slightly more vigor than old Malling 9. It produces a full dwarf apple tree that is precocious and heavy bearing. There are now many clones of Malling 9 to choose from, however, for the backyard grower all should be considered relatively the same. Malling 9 rootstocks are hardy and will grow in a wide range of soil types, but care needs to be taken to provide sufficient irrigation during the season to keep the tree and crop healthy. ALL M 9 rootstocks require SUPPORT, either by trellising or individual staking.

The Malling rootstock series often go by slightly different names depending on whether or not they are virus-free selections or not. However, if the word Malling is used in the name, you can be sure that they originated at the East Malling Research Station in England, where researchers developed most of the popular apple rootstocks being used by apple growers today. They still are developing new rootstocks as the commercial industry changes and develops new requirements.

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