Prunus rootstock Myrobalan seedling rootstock - Myrobalan Standard Plum Rootstock
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Myrobalan Standard Plum Rootstock

Prunus rootstock 'Myrobalan seedling rootstock'
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Myrobalan 29C (Prunus cerasifera)--- An improved selection of the most common seedling rootstock used for plums, prunes, and sometimes peaches. Vigorous and not considered a dwarfing rootstock. Resistant to armillaria root rot (oak root fungus) and nematodes. Adaptable to a wide range of soils. Usually well anchored, but somewhat shallow rooted. Prone to suckering.Not used or recommended for commercial peach plantings, normally, unless wetter, poorly drained soil conditions warrant.

Myrobalan plum is the common name for a wild plum that is very hardy and commonly found. The fruit of the "Myro" plum is usually smaller than a gold ball and may come in a range of colors from pure yellow and gold to fire-engine red--- and all combinations of colors in between. Sometimes it is sweet, often it is very tart and will make your mouth "pucker" right up. In any case, its main use now is as an excellent rootstock for plums and prunes.

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