Pyrus communis Bartlett - Bartlett Pear
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Bartlett Pear

Pyrus communis 'Bartlett'
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  • »  Bartlett Pear is almost everyone's favorite!

Grandpa's Choice™ Barlett Pear is the "gold" standard of pears. A favorite dessert and canning pear, it's large fruit has a smooth, attractive appearance that is highlighted by its golden color and classic shape. It is smooth, juicy and white fleshed, with just a bit of tartness. These long-lived trees are medium sized, compact, upright and highly productive early bearers of fruit that ripen in mid-August to mid-September.

One of America's leading commercial varieties that takes up 75% of all U.S. and Canadian production. Introduced from England in 1797. Grandpa may have grow some of the Bartlett pears that went into your baby food!

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  Full Sun
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