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Critter Scare Tapes

Critter Scare Tapes

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Scare Tape

Scare Tapes

Apparently deer don't like to think that people are around, and this RED and SILVER Mylar reflective scare tape rustles in the slightest of breeze in the orchard and makes the deer think there is someone there. Highly reflective, the silver side catches flashes of moon or star light and reflects it. A whole orchard of it is an entertaining sight! It may not be widely available, so we offer it. It can be shipped with your fruit trees. Just another trick in the book to use!

The HOLOGRAPHIC BIRD SCARE tape is designed to confuse birds which may attack sweet cherry, stone fruits, and sometimes apples and pears.

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3918 Red and Silver Mylar Scare Tape (500 ft roll) $8.00 Add to Cart
3919 Holographic Bird Scare Tape (500 ft roll) $11.00 Add to Cart

Scare Tapes
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips

A roll of most scare tape is about 500 feet long, so it will go a long way. Use a good foot or so for the best effect. After a season it may weather a little bit and become less shiney and more brittle, so replace as needed. This tape can somewhat girdle the twig it is tied to before it weathers off, so put it onto finer twigs and limbs that you aren't concerned about losing. Don't tie it tightly about trunks or main scaffold limbs.


A Little History about Scare Tape

Grandpa has heard of people getting the same effect from the aluminum pie tins that "store bought" pies come in. Grandma used to tie them onto the trees. When it comes to deterring deer, all is fair. Reflective tape seems to work pretty well along with other tricks!