Malus domestica Spigold - Spigold Apple

Spigold Apple

Malus domestica 'Spigold'

Farmers who grew Spigold loved the apple, but it never made it commercially.  Spigold is an exceptionally high quality with firm, fine grained, crisp yellow flesh.  It stores very well.  It has a flavor that combines Northern Spy and Golden Delicious into a superior blend.  It is good for fresh eating, cooking and baking.  The tree is a strong, hardy grower.  It blooms late and requires a pollinizer as it is a triploid.  Ripens in October  about a week before Northern Spy.

Spigold is a cross of Golden Delicious X Red Northern Spy--- hence its name.  It was released in 1962 by the New York Ag Experiment Station.

Height: 15-18
Spread: 15-18
Zone: 3-10
Color: Bright red
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