Pyrus hybrid Juicy Jewel™ - Juicy Jewel™ Asian Type Pear
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Juicy Jewel™ Asian Type Pear

Pyrus hybrid 'Juicy Jewel™'
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Juicy Jewel™ (MN121 cultivar) pears are a juicy and crisp "Asian-type" pear with mild tropical overtone flavors. It is a cross between the Asian pear Shinseiki and the European pear Summercrisp. Its fruit is attractive, oval to elliptical in shape with yellow-green skin and an occasional orange-pink blush. It is an early ripening pear variety that is ready to harvest around the same time as Summercrisp and can be stored for 2-3 months in cold storage. Proven to be winter hardy in USDA zone 4, it has also shown to be relatively free of disease (including to fire blight) in its test trees, making it an attractive pear variety for Northern growers. Plant with another pear variety to ensure cross pollination.

Juicy Jewel (US Plant Patent pending) pears represents the 5th pear variety released by the University of Minnesota’s fruit breeding program and the first Asian-type pear. Unlike European pears, which ripen to a soft, creamy texture, Asian pears are known for their crisp, apple-like texture. 

This will likely be the only year that Grandpa's Orchard will have these available!

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