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With luck and skill you can raise cherry trees like these at Grandpa's nursery.

With luck and skill you can raise cherry trees like these at Grandpa's nursery.

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Mazzard Standard-size Cherry Rootstock

Prunus rootstock 'Mazzard seedling rootstock'

Mazzard (Prunus avium) [100%]---The most common standard-size sweet cherry rootstock. Produces a very vigorous tree with good anchorage. Some tolerance to phytophthera and moderately resistant to oak root fungus. Will grow on a wide range of soils. Susceptible to crown gall and bacterial canker. Very few suckers. Typically used for sweet cherries, but also can be used for Montmorency and tart cherries to be planted in wetter, poorly drained sites where mahaleb cannot grow. Almost all sweet cherry varieties are available on Mazzard. Some tart cherry availability.
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Prunus rootstock 'Mazzard seedling rootstock'
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips

Cherries are more difficult trees to propagate. Grandpa recommends "chip" budding, which is easy to learn and highly successful. You can also use "T-budding". You usually can start budding when your scionwood is mature and buds are developed and readily and easily cut and removed from your scion stick. Usually by August in most areas.


A Little History about Mazzard Standard-size Cherry Rootstock

Mazzard cherry is common throughout the world. No one in particular really has bred or developed mazzard as a clonal rootstock, so almost all are true seedlings. However, because of selection by nurserymen they have become a very consistent rootstock for cherries, both sweet and tart.