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Winesap (Original heirloom strain) Apple

Malus domestica 'Winesap-original'
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Winesap is a favorite apple in the South where it is well known for it long keeping characteristics.  It is only a medium sized dark red fruit.  The flesh is very crisp, juicy, yellow with a spicy, wine-like flavor and aroma.  It can be used for many purposes including cider.  It is a heavy producer.  It ripens in October.  Requires a pollinator and should not be relied on to pollinate other varieties.  It shows some resistance to fire blight and cedar apple rust.  This strain is very close to the original.

Alternate Names:  Holland's Red Winter, Old Fashion   Winesap, Winter Winesap

Winesap originated in the US but its exact home is unknown.  It has been widely grown all over the country from the South to the West.  In athe West many sports have been found which usually are improvements in red color and appearance.  True Winesap should not be confused with Stayman Winesap or Turley Winesap which are much larger, rougher apples.  Grandpa often offers the redder strains also.

Many heirloom varieties have some natural resistance to apple scab and other diseases, since they were often discovered and grown well before fruit growers started to use chemicals for disease control.  However, you may still want to be vigilant about fire blight, apple scab, and other fungal diseases and spray when the need arises.  Protect from insect damage like normal.

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