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Red Delicious- Spur type

Malus domestica 'Red Delicious- Spur type'
Spur Red Delicious on Semi-standard (M111) root, Small 3/8-7/16" caliper grade
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Granpa also offers Spur Red Delicious, which is a more compact strain of our regular Red Delicious. It is better for smaller spaces, being almost 2/3 the size of our non-spur strain. Blooms and harvests the same times. Flavor and quality is the same.

"Spur" strains of apples were developed for the commercial orchardist because they are more productive and take up less room in the orchard. Spur Red Delicious is probably the most compact and productive example of all the "spur" varieties of apple.

Spur Red Delicious grows at a slower pace than regular Red Delicious and will be much slower to fill out its space. If your space is limited it is an excellent choice. Don't let it "runt out" by not allowing enough growth, though. Aim for about a foot or so of new growth a year at the minimum.

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