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Red Delicious Apple (non-Spur)

Malus domestica 'Red Delicious'
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  • »  The "Red Delicious" shape is the ultimate apple icon, recognized as an "apple" by everyone!

Grandpa's Choice™" Red Delicious is an all-time favorite with everyone and hardly needs a description. Red Delicious has been a staple variety in the produce department for years. Our regular Red Delicious is an older non-spur strain that retains the crisp white flesh and great taste of Red Delicious. The tree is vigorous and ripens in mid-season in the fall. Let it hang to develop best flavor.

The original Delicious apple was discovered as a seedling in Peru, Iowa in the late 1800;s and made famous worldwide because of its wonderful, sweet flavor. Grandpa grew some of the original Delicious on the farm, but always bemoaned the fact that people were introducing reddder and redder strains, which seemed to have less and less of the original flavor. Now, it seems that people identify the redder strain's flavor as more "delicious" than it ever was.

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