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Pink Lady (R) Brand Apple

Malus domestica 'Pink Lady(R) Brand Apple'
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Cripps Pink is the original apple that became the Pink Lady(R) brand we see in the produce department.  It is a very high quality apple with crisp, fine-grained white flesh that resists browning.  The skin is thin and can be bruised easily so harvest gently.  The fruit will store for long periods.  Chilling hours required are similar to Granny Smith at 400-500 hours.

Newer improved strains from the original Cripps Pink cultivar have been discovered, so now there is any earlier Barnsby cultivar which is 3-4 weeks earlier to harvest and can usually be harvested in northern areas like Michigan in mid-October.  The original Cripps Pink cultivar and a new Lady in Red(R) cultivar have the typical late harvesting time, which in the north is just too late and well into November.  The later strains are most suitable for southern areas with longer growing seasons.   Lady in Red(R) cultivar is highly colored.

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