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Honeycrisp-Super Red Apple

Malus domestica 'Honeycrisp-Super Red'
Honeycrisp 'Super Red' Apple on Dwarf (Geneva 41) root - Extra Large 5/8" & up caliper grade
Honeycrisp 'Super Red' Apple on Dwarf (EMLA 26) root - Extra Large 5/8" & up caliper grade
Honeycrisp 'Super Red' Apple on Semi-Standard (EMLA 111) root, Large 1/2"-5/8" caliper grade
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Grandpa's Choice(TM) Super Red Honeycrisp(TM) is the current "star" of the apple industry and with consumers. It is "explosively crisp" with an unbeatable sweet, juicy flavor. It is naturally large and will color well in cooler climates. Color can range from brilliant red with some striping to mostly red-striped over a straw yellow background color when ready to pick. Very hardy and productive. Keeps well when picked in peak condition. If you like crisp and juicy apples, this one is unbeatable. Harvest early in fall in mid-September.

Originally thought to be a cross of Macoun X Honeygold, but DNA test indicate Keepsake heritage. Bred by the University of Minnesota for colder climates and introduced in 1991.  After many years, new red sports of the original Honeycrisp are being discovered.  These new red sports allow growers to have a higher packout of their fruit.

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