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Gala-Red Gala Apple

Malus domestica 'Gala'
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  • »  Red Gala is one of Grandpa's all-time favorites for eating off the tree early in the fall.

Grandpa's Choice™ Red Gala apple is our special selection of the famous Royal Gala™ apple that everyone sees in the produce department. It harvests late summer, early fall in September and is one of the finest eating apples there is. The flesh is yellowish flesh is crisp, juicy and fine tasting. It can be used for all purposes. It is almost a "must have" for the backyard orchard.

The original Gala was selected as a seedling in 1939 in New Zealand, and finally introduced to the US in 1973. It has taken the country by storm and now ranks as one of the most popular apples. When Grandpa first tasted it, he fell in love with it and recommended it to all his friends. Gala tends to "throw" a lot of "sports", so now there are Gala strains of every red shade and size.

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