Malus rootstock Budagovsky 118 clonal rootstock - BUD 118 Semi-Standard Apple Rootstock
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BUD 118 Semi-Standard Apple Rootstock

Malus rootstock 'Budagovsky 118 clonal rootstock'
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Bud 118 (Budagovsky 118) [80-85%]--- This is a very hardy apple rootstock that is gaining in popularity. Produces almost a full-sized tree (approx 80-85% of standard). It is quite precocious, bearing much earlier than EMLA 111 which it compares to. Does not require any support. Very resistant to winter frost or damage. It is still relatively new, and its susceptibility to fire blight is not well known at this time.

The Budagovsky series of apple rootstocks were developed in Russia (former Soviet Union) and are known for their winter hardiness. Most of them have reddish colored leaves which make it easier to distinguish them from the Malling rootstocks.

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