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BUD 10 Dwarf rootstock

Malus rootstock 'Budagovsky 10 Dwarf Apple Rootstock'
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Bud 10 (Budagovsky 10) [35-40%]--- This is a very hardy apple rootstock that is gaining in popularity. Produces a full dwarf tree (approx 35-40%% of standard). Precocious. Requires support --- staking or trellising. Reported to be resistant to collar rot, powdery mildew and apple scab. Very resistant to winter frost or damage.  Bud 10 is a newer release and is reported to be slightly more vigorous than Bud 9.

Budagovsky or BUD 10 is a newer clonal rootstock out of the same program as BUD 9. The Budagovsky series of apple rootstocks were developed in Russia (formerly Soviet Union) and are known for their winter hardiness. Most of them have reddish colored leaves which make it easier to distinguish them from the Malling rootstocks.

Apples are probably the easiest trees to propagate. Grandpa recommends "chip" budding, which is easy to learn and highly successful. Since we cannot ship these early enough in the season, we do not recommend "bench grafting". You usually can start chip budding when your scionwood is mature and buds are developed and readily and easily cut and removed from your scion stick. Usually by August in most areas.

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