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Bramley's Sharp Hard Cidre Apple

Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling'
Bramley's Seedling Apple on Dwarf (Geneva 935) root - 2 Year Extra Large grade (Bench Graft)
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Bramley's Seedling is a large, flat, firm apple with greenish-yellow skin.  It is great for baking and cooking as well as being a good cider apple, with firm, juicy, sharly acidic flesh.  It is high in Vitamin C.  It is scab and mildew resistant, blooms late, but is a triploid, so must be pollinated by other late blooming apples.  It bears heavily, but can be biennial.  It can become greasy skinned in storage and is only a fair keeper.  Ripens in late October to November.

Bramley's Seedling came from the British Isles where is has been a traditional cooking and cider apple.  Originated in the early 1800s.

Fruit Characteristics
Growth Rate/Habit
Harvest Period
Other Attributes
  Very tart
Site Requirements
  Full Sun
Skill Required