Also known as Pyrus communis 'Harrow Sweet', this European pear variety is an excellent late season pear, ripening with Bosc. It is known for its high quality fruit and early production. In addition,  it has very good cold hardiness and resistance to fire blight. The fruit is yellow skinned with a red blush and only a very slight russeting. The flesh is white, very sweet and juicy and flavorful. It will keep well. Harrow Sweet pears are perfect for eating, canning, and preserves.

A lover of full sun, Harrow Sweet pears do well in Hardiness zones 4-8. This variety is not self-fertile, so it is necessary to have other varieties of pear trees nearby. Their typical growth ranges from a height of 8-10 feet and a width of 8-12 feet.

Harrow Sweet was selected in 1980 at the Agriculture Canada Research Station in Harrow, Ontario, where many good peaches were also bred and introduced.