Grandpa is offering more grafting supplies and a new line of grafting shears that the hobbyist ought to take a look at!


About five years ago, Grandpa connected with Ian Adams from New Zealand who is the “Master Grafter” and developer of an innovative and unique line of award winning tools. The Scionon® tools help make grafting easier and safer for the novice and those who are unskilled with a knife— or just plain scared of cutting their fingers off!

Grandpa Moser introduced the Scionon™ Grafting Shears and Graft Crafters® to the American nurseryman and fruit tree grower via his GraftingSystems™ website.  In order to make it easier for the amateur, hobbyist and fruit enthusiast to buy these tools, we are offering them on the Grandpa’s Orchard website also.  If you are determined  to graft your own trees, you need to check them out. These new shears allow even untrained grafters to have greater success. Their unique and safe designs eliminate almost all the knife skills that were needed in “the old days”.

SCIONON® Grafting Shears™ are extremely versatile hand-held tools allowing unskilled persons to prepare at least 6 graft types safely and easily. With training and practice these tools enable the novice grafter to prepare the following grafts – rind, whip & tongue, cleft and wedge grafts.  It can also cut chip and ‘T’ buds.  These tools are portable hand held devices allowing a multitude of applications.  The base tool is supplied with full operating instructions, spare blade and fixings.  The optional holster attaches to a belt and also has pockets for a knife and sharpening stone and/or spare blade storage.

A couple years ago, a couple of Grandpa’s customers bought these shears.  They whip & tongue grafted over 1300 grafts, which they then asked Grandpa to grow in the field for them.  They did over 50 varieties on many different rootstocks.  Their scionwood wasn’t always the best, but even so, with no previous experience they had about a 75% graft take.  With better wood and improved skills, they will only get better I think.

While Grandpa can’t guarantee how well you will do, he will start to offer guidance on (1) the proper use of the shears and grafting technique, (2) selection of both rootstock and scionwood, and (3) proper care of grafts after grafting.  Like a three legged stool, if one of the legs is missing, loose, short, or poorly installed, then the stool (and the success in grafting) will be unstable and one is likely to end up on one’s butt!  The tools are important, but also the wood selection and after grafting treatment.

Go to the “Supplies and Grafting Tools” category.  You can order the Scionon® tools as well as a wide selection of grafting supplies, such as Bio-Graft™ tape, BuddyTape®, and  BudClips™.