Grandpa is so excited about this cheap and easy way to deter deer, he has to tell you about it.

As many of you know, deer are prevalent across the US and can do a lot of damage to young fruit trees by eating the tender growing tips and green shoots. In fact, a few years ago one of Grandpa’s nursery fields was almost ruined by deer. All of those trees had to be re-grown the next year, rather than sold. Deer started chewing on the new lush growth, even after spraying with deer repellants and tying the flashing silver and red ribbon, and just wouldn’t stop! Some nurseries and fruit growers have to completely fence the perimeter of the fields in order to keep deer out. 

Early the next spring, the deer started to work on Grandpa’s new budded field, and he was just about ready to pull his hair out! Some of Grandpa’s commercial grower friends had told him of success using scarecrows to keep deer out of their young trees. Grandpa didn’t really believe they would work very well, but the “proof is in the pudding” as they say.

You may never see “Bambi”, but he can leave his “calling card”
Grandpa never saw deer in his field, but he could see their chewing and tracks. So before he was forced to fence the whole farm, he decided to try the “scarecrow” method. He built some “double” scarecrows that hang from chains and swing with the wind and breeze.  Deciding if one is good, then more must be better, he has about five sets of these scarecrows staged around his new field, a couple in the rootstock he will bud in a few weeks, and a few around the perimeter of some Grandpa’s Orchard stock that can be dug and sold in the fall.

Looks like a “herd” or people in the field!
From a distance the field looks like it has a lot of people standing around in it. So far, after more than four weeks, NO DEER HAVE EVEN STEPPED FOOT BACK INTO THE FIELD! There has been no evidence of deer feeding— no hoof prints— absolutely no damage!

So, if you have been having deer problems. Try this simple solution. Let me know how it works for you. Grandpa thinks the key is to fool the deer into thinking there are always people in the area, so visibility and movement may be more important than trying to be too realistic. A look at the pictures shows the effect he believes is needed and that works for him.

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