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Gala Peach

Gala Peach

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Gala Peach

Prunus persica 'Gala'

Gala is an early peach, ripening about a week before Redhaven.  It is large, freestone and has excellent flavor and melting flesh.  Good for all uses.  It is freestone.  It is a hardy and reliable producer in the southern peach regions, but doesn't produce as consistently in northern regions.  It is self-fertile.


10-14 Feet



8-12 Feet


Hardiness Zone


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Prunus persica 'Gala'
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips

Almost all peaches are self-fertile and require no pollinators. They will set heavy crops on single trees, which need heavy and aggressive thinning early in the season for best fruit size. Maintain good vigor in peaches by pruning every year, and fertilizing moderately. Aim for 1-3 feet of new growth a year. Fertilize early in the season, so that growth is well hardened off before fall and winter cold weather.

Gala peach was bred more for southern conditions where it does very well.  Grandpa doesn't recommend it for the northern climes where winter conditions are less mild and more extreme.


A Little History about Gala Peach

Gala peach was a joint release by the USDA in Byron, GA and the Louisiana Ag Experiment Station.

Prunus persica 'Gala' Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Character
Thin early for size
Disease Resistance
Bacterial spot tolerant
Fruit Characteristics
Large fruit
Growth Rate/Habit
Average vigor
Early to bear
Very productive
Spreading habit
Harvest Period
Early season
Other Attributes
Very juicy
Complex flavor
Sub-acid flavor
Site Requirements
Full Sun
Skill Required
Easy to grow
Cooking or baking
Good for pies
Canning or freezing
High dessert quality