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Wealthy Apple

Malus domestica 'Wealthy'
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  • »  Red Wealthy has been an old favorite because of its hardiness and flavor!

Grandpa's Choice™ Red Wealthy is an old-time favorite in many cold climates, because it is so hardy. It ripens late in the summer and is an excellent all purpose apple. The fruit is a deep red over a pale yellow background, and the flesh is crisp, juicy, and white with some pink veining. It has a distinct flavor with a hint of strawberry. It is a favorite old time apple in many orchards.

Grampa used to grow some Red Wealthyon the farm years ago. The original Wealthy tree was discovered as a seedling of a Cherry Crab tree planted in Minnesota by Mr. Peter Gideon about 1860. Because of its hardiness and delightful flavor it became very popular all over the midwest and east.

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