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Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple

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Granny Smith Apple

Malus domestica 'Granny Smith'

Grandpa's Choice™ Granny Smith is another of the most popular varieties that almost needs no description. Go into any produce deparatment and Grannies will be right next to Red and Golden Delicious. The popularity of Granny is that it is a brilliant green, very crisp, very tart apple. It can be used for many purposes. Granny Smith is one of the latest ripening varieties, so "let it hang" until the first snow flurries in early November for the best flavor. Ripens better in longer growing seasons. In many cooler climes, it will get a little red blush rather than stay totally bright green.


12-16 Feet



10-14 Feet


Hardiness Zone


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413 Granny Smith Apple on Dwarf (Bud 9) root, Large 1/2-5/8" caliper grade--ON SALE! $24.99  $19.99 Add to Cart
2182 Granny Smith Apple on Semi-Standard (EMLA 106) root, 2 year-Extra Large grade--ON SALE! $28.99  $19.99 Add to Cart
3964 Granny Smith Apple on Semi-Standard (Bud 118) root, Extra Large 5/8" & up caliper grade--ON SALE! $24.99  $19.99 Add to Cart

Malus domestica 'Granny Smith'
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips

Granny Smith blooms in mid-season and can be polinated by most apples. The tree is quite vigorous and spreading. It is an early bearer and very productive. Don't be in a hurry to pick it in Zone 5 or colder, let it hang as long as possible for better condition. When the green background color starts to turn a little yellowish, then it is mature and ready to pick. The tree is quite susceptible to fire blight, so be careful not to invigorate it too much with fertilizer or dormant pruning.

A Little History about Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith is an old variety that originated in Australia around 1850. Grandpa heard that it was named after "Granny Smith"! No relation though. It came to the US, where the famous Grady Auvil, from Washington really gave it a start in the commercial apple industry, and made it popular.

Malus domestica 'Granny Smith' Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Character
Pollinizer needed
Mid-season blooming
Fruit Characteristics
Large fruit
Growth Rate/Habit
Very vigorous
Spreading habit
Harvest Period
Very late season
Other Attributes
Long-term keeper
Grandpa's Choice™
Very crisp
Very tart
Site Requirements
Full Sun
Winter hardy
Skill Required
Average skill
High dessert quality
Cooking or baking