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Cox Orange Pippin Apple

Malus domestica 'Cox's Orange Pippin'
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The Brits think Cox's is the best!  Cox's Orange Pippin is considered by many to be one of the best dessert apples.  It produces medium sized, conical, somewhat dull looking fruit with red stripes over a tough, smooth orangish skin.  However, the fruit is firm and tender with juicy, aromatic yellow flesh.  It has a distinctive taste.  Excellent for all uses including cider.  An early and heavy bearer, it requires heavy thinning as it blooms late and misses many of the frosts.  Reported to be self-fruitful.  It ripens in mid-September to October, and has a lower chilling hours requirement than many apples, thus making it suitable for more southern, warm area growing.

Cox's Orange Pippin is a seedling of the Ribston Pippin that was discovered in England in 1830.  For years it has been the gold standard for the British apple industry and because of its outstanding qualities it is often used in other breeding programs.

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