Budding-Grafting Knives - Budding-Grafting Knives
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Budding-Grafting Knives

Budding-Grafting Knives
Grandpa's Economical Budding Knife (Rounded Blade)
Grandpa's Economical Grafting Knife (Straight Blade)
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Grandpa prefers Tina knives for his own use, but they are expensive.  Most backyard budders or grafters may not need the best quality knife to do their work, so Grandpa now is offering a couple types of economy budding and grafting knives.

The Budding Knife is very similar in shape and dimension to the fixed blade TINA budding knife, which has a rounded 1.75" long fixed blade.  The rounded end makes cutting buds a little easier.

The Grafting Knife is very similar in shape and dimension to a fixed blade TINA grafting knife, which has a straight 1.75" long fixed blade.  The pointed end makes cutting into the sides of branches for some grafting cuts easy.