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Multiple Generations and Counting in the Fruit and Nursery Industry

In the beginning...

Grandpa only tried to grow the best for Grandma and the kids!

As a lifetime nurseryman and fruit grower, the original Grandpa Karl used his experience to select and recommend only those varieties which tasted the best and which would be easy to grow by his friends, family, and fruit grower customers.

Grandpa's friends were always asking for fruit growing tips. Grandpa was from a long line of fruit growers. A lot of his fruit growing lore was passed down to him from his father and grandfather, but still he was a tireless experimenter. He tried almost every new variety that came his way, but over time he tried to "whittle" it all down to a select number of varieties that "made the grade" with Grandma and that would grow well in almost every part of the country where his friends and family lived.

Today Grandpa Matt continues on that heritage with his daughter, Melissa. Grandpa's Orchard fruit tree nursery began as a dream to pass on generations of fruit growing and tree selling wisdom to friends, family and others who only needed a few trees for their home or backyard orchard.

While the fruit from Grandpa's Orchard trees may not be the reddest or most beautiful, the varieties usually proved themselves to be the hardiest, most flavorful, and high quality. Only these make it into Grandpa's Orchard

Grandpa only tries to sell the biggest and best trees from many of the high quality nursery sources that he works with to supply trees to his commercial grower customers. In addition, because many varieties are difficult to find, Grandpa also grows many trees in his own nursery, so that he can offer many hard to find heirloom and unique or "lost" varieties. And because Grandpa is a real nurseryman and orchardist he knows that many of his customers would like to try growing their own and so he offers rootstocks and grafting tools and supplies as well as other unique and useful orchard supplies.

Our goal is to provide our customers with:

  • Only the best and biggest fruit trees possible.
  • Wide selection of varieties from the old to the new.
  • Wide selection of rootstocks.
  • Orchard supplies that may be hard to find locally.
  • Scionon® Grafting tools from New Zealand for the amateur nurseryman.
  • Wide choice of grafting supplies.
The original Grandpa passed in 2002, but his heritage lives on.
The original Grandpa passed in 2002, but his heritage lives on.