Pyrus pyrifolia Shinseiki - Shinseiki Asian Pear
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Shinseiki Asian Pear

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Shinseiki'
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Shineseiki Asian Pear is an early season Asian pear with yellow skin and very little russet. The fruit is medium in size with smooth creamy white flesh and a sweet, mild taste. Shinseiki is one of the earliest asian pears, ripening in mid-summer a couple weeks before Twentieth Century or Hosui.

Shinseiki means "New Century" in Japanese, and since it is similar in appearance to Twentieth Century, perhaps this is why it was so named. It was released in 1945. Shinseiki trees are vigorous, healthy and spreading not not as susceptible to fire blight as many regular pears. Thin the fruit heavily to singles for best fruit size. Clip or cut off when thinning or harvesting to avoid pulling the stem out or damaging the fruit.

Golden yellow
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