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Contender Peach

Prunus persica 'Contender'
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  • »  Contender peach is known for frost hardiness!

Contender is known as one of the more hardy peaches because of its later blooming dates and hardy, more frost resistant buds.  Most report it to be hardy enough for Zone 4.   Contender ripens clode to Canadian Harmony or about 20 days after Redhaven.  It is large, firm, excellent quality and freestone.  We recommend it for areas that routinely suffer late frosts that hurt many other peach varieties.

Contender was bred in North Carolina and was introduced in 1988. 

Contender sets large amounts of hardy, frost resistant buds, so thin it heavily for good size.  It is moderately resistant to bacteria spot.  The tree is vigorous and productive.  Requires about 1050 hours of chilling.

Almost all peaches are self-fertile and require no pollinators. They will set heavy crops on single trees, which need heavy and aggressive thinning early in the season for best fruit size. Maintain good vigor in peaches by pruning every year, and fertilizing moderately. Aim for 1-3 feet of new growth a year. Fertilize early in the season, so that growth is well hardened off before fall and winter cold weather.

Cold Hardy Varieties