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Yellow Bellflower Apple

Malus domestica 'Yellow Bellflower'
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Yellow Bellflower is a fine winter dessert apple.  It is lemon-yellow with white russety dots and a slight pink blush.  The fruit is usually large, elongated and sometimes lopsided.  It can bruise easily.  The creamy flesh is crisp and firm with a sweet, subacid flavor.  It can be used for all purposes.  When picked early on the tart side it will keep for several months and mellow up.  The tree is healthy and vigorous.  Ripens in October.

Alternate Names:  Lady Washington, Lincoln Pippin, White Bellflower, Warren Pippin, White Detroit

Yellow Bellflower originated in Burlington County, New Jersey around 1742 and was widely grown across the east and mid-west.

Many heirloom varieties have some natural resistance to apple scab and other diseases, since they were often discovered and grown well before fruit growers started to use chemicals for disease control.  However, you may still want to be vigilant about fire blight, apple scab, and other fungal diseases and spray when the need arises.  Protect from insect damage like normal.

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