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Tolman Sweet Apple

Tolman Sweet Apple

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Tolman Sweet Apple

Malus domestica 'Tolman Sweet'

Tolman Sweet has always been a highly prized apple for baking, stewing and cider.  The fruit is medium large, round, with a pale yellow skin that may show some blushing and russeting.  Often there is a distinct suture line running from top to bottom.  The fruit is quite hard, firm, white fleshed and rather fine.  It has an excellent sweet flavor that makes good cider.  The tree is a reliable bearer and a late bloomer.  It can be somehwat biennial.  Very hardy and healthy, but somewhat susceptible to fire blight.

Alternate Names:  Tolman, Brown's Golden Sweet, Talman Sweet


12-15 Feet



10-15 Feet


Hardiness Zone


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3867 Tolman Sweet Apple on Dwarf (G11) Root - Small 3/8-7/16" caliper grade (FFT) $28.49 Add to Cart
3868 Tolman Sweet Apple on Semi-Dwarf (EMLA 7) Root - Medium 7/16-1/2" caliper grade (FFT) $28.49 Add to Cart

Malus domestica 'Tolman Sweet'
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips

Many heirloom varieties have some natural resistance to apple scab and other diseases, since they were often discovered and grown well before fruit growers started to use chemicals for disease control.  However, you may still want to be vigilant about fire blight, apple scab, and other fungal diseases and spray when the need arises.  Protect from insect damage like normal.


A Little History about Tolman Sweet Apple

Tolman Sweet has a clouded parentage.  Some think it was a cross of Sweet Greening X Old Russet, while others doubt this cross.  In any case it developed a great following all over and is still in demand at heirloom orchards.