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Rome-Red Rome Apple

Malus domestica 'Rome'
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  • »  Red Rome is an all time favorite that keeps well.

Grandpa's Choice(TM)" Red Rome is an old time favorite for cooking, baking, cider and drying. Rome is a medium to large size apple, with all red skin, and very firm, hard, white flesh. It ripens late in the season. Its fresh flavor is appreciate by some, but Grandpa always swore that if he ate one right off the tree, he would have to buy new dentures because they were so hard. But, after mellowing and ripening, they have a nice, sub-acid pleasant flavor.

Rome was discovered in Ohio in 1848 and the original strain was a rather unsightly green stripey apple. Over the years, redder strains were discovered, but many had the bad habit of "reverting" a percentage of trees to the older greener fruit. Our strain was discovered in Washington by Noble Law, who Grandpa met on one of his many trips to visit his nursery friends out there. The "Law" strain was the first strain to retain its brilliant red color with no trees reverting to greener apples.

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