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Red McIntosh Apple

Red McIntosh Apple

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McIntosh- Red McIntosh Apple

Malus domestica 'McIntosh'

Grandpa's Choice™ Red McIntosh is one of the all-time favorites for some people. Red McIntosh is an early season apple with very aromatic, flavorful, white, juicy flesh. It is somewhat firm, but only will keep for shorter periods during the fall and early winter. It has a steely-red skin that is distinctive looking to match its very distinctive flavor. It is only medium large in size, but sets abundant crops.


12-16 Feet



12-16 Feet


Hardiness Zone


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41 Red McIntosh Apple on Semi-dwarf (EMLA 7) root, Extra Large 5/8" up caliper grade--ON SALE! $24.99  $19.99 Add to Cart

Malus domestica 'McIntosh'
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips

Red McIntosh is a very vigorous, spreading tree. It blooms quite early and is a good pollinizer for other early varieties. It is susceptible to scab and fire blight. Thin heavily for best size. McIntosh is well suited for cooler climates where its best characteristics shine. In warmer areas it will be much softer and less flavorful


A Little History about McIntosh- Red McIntosh Apple

McIntosh came from Ontario, Canada around 1798 and was a hit with the settlers in the Northeast where it is one of the most important varieties. Grandpa always grew some "Macs", but he knew that the best came from New York and farther east where they seemed better adapted. Grandma loved to eat Mac's fresh, and sometimes used them in pies and sauce for their unique flavor.

Malus domestica 'McIntosh' Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Character
Early blooming
Pollinizer needed
Thin early for size
Fruit Characteristics
Medium size fruit
Growth Rate/Habit
Very vigorous
Early to bear
Spreading habit
Harvest Period
Late summer
Other Attributes
Sub-acid flavor
Very juicy
Grandpa's Choice™
Complex flavor
Somewhat spicy
Site Requirements
Full Sun
Very hardy
Skill Required
Easy to grow
Good for sauce
Juice or Cider
High dessert quality
Cooking or baking
Good for pies