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Jonagold-Original Cornell Strain Apple

Malus domestica 'Jonagold-Cornell Original'
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The original Jonagold is one of the finest eating and cooking apples to ripen in the fall.  The red fruit is unusually large, with juicy yellow-white flesh.  The flavor is very similar to Jonathan.  It will keep for several months, but will tend to get a "greasy" feeling skin when it gets overripe.  Pick earlier if you plan to store them for long periods, otherwise, eat them in the fall and early winter when they are at their prime.  The less highly red color strains of Jonagold like this one tend to be better flavored since they have less red skin pigment.

The original Jonagold was introduced from the Geneva Experiment Station in 1953 and became a big hit in Europe and Japan.  In the United States, it is becoming well accepted as a great apple for the fall and early winter season.  There are many strains of Jonagold.  Newer strains have more red color improvement over the original, which was most golden with a little red.  It parents, naturally are Golden Delicious and Jonathan!

All Jonagolds are tri-ploid varieties and should always be planted with other mid-season blooming varieties for pollination.  Do not use Golden Delicious as a pollinator.  The tree is very vigorous, spreading and easy to train.  Thin heavy crops early in order to avoid biennial bearing.

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