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Indian Summer Crab

Indian Summer Crab

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Indian Summer Flowering Crabapple

Malus z 'Indian Summer Crab'

Indian Summer Ornamental Crab is often used in the orchard as a pollinator.  It has rose-red blooms and small bright red persistent apples.  It has excellent disease resistance and blooms earlier in the bloom cycle with Red Delicious.


15-20 Feet



15-20 Feet


Hardiness Zone


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3948 Indian Summer Crab Apple on Semi-Standard (M 111) root, Large 1/2 - 5/8" caliper grade $26.99 Add to Cart

Malus z 'Indian Summer Crab'
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips

Indian Summer has good resistance to scab and fire blight.


A Little History about Indian Summer Flowering Crabapple

Many apple growers use flowering crabs to help pollinate their orchards as the offer "hot" pollen which helps set a fuller crop of apples, while not really adding another variety to have to harvest separately in the orchard.

Malus z 'Indian Summer Crab' Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Character
Early blooming
Excellent pollinizer
Disease Resistance
Scab resistance
Fire Blight Resistance
Fruit Characteristics
Ornamental fruit only
Growth Rate/Habit
Average vigor
Early to bear
Spreading habit
Site Requirements
Full Sun
Very hardy
Skill Required
Easy to grow