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Idared Apple

Malus domestica 'Idared'
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Idared is an excellent apple that is quite like Jonathan in flavor, but its flesh is crisp and white. It has a sweet-tart flavor and is very juicy and flavorful. It has a pinkish red color with a little striping. It can be used for all purposes and is commonly used in the commercial pie industry. It stores well and is one of the most dependable producers of large fruit.

Grandpa used to say that Idared was one of the few apples that was related to the potato, because it was bred and introduced by the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station in 1942. It is a Jonathan X Wagener cross. Guess Grandpa was wrong--- no Burbank potato blood at all!

Grandpa got an interesting mail from a customer in Yellville, Arkansas who told us his uncle Benton Brown, who must have been a scientist at the Idaho Experiment Station was the developer of the Idared apple, and named it for Donnie's great-great-grandmother, Ida Post Cooper. She must have been a wonderful lady to have been immortalized in this fashion! Thanks for the info, Donnie!

Bright red
Apple--- Hardy Varieties
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