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Grandpa's Golden Rezista®

Malus domestica 'Grandpa's Golden Rezista®'
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  • »  Grandpa's Golden Rezista® is a scab resistant golden apple with a unique lemony flavor.

Grandpa's Golden Rezista® is an attractive yellow-green apple. It is a high quality dessert apple, with a very unique lemony, spicy taste unlike any other. The fruit is finely textured and very juicy. The medium large size fruit will change to yellow during storage, and it holds well. It harvests in mid-season, a few days after Yellow Delicious and will hang well on the tree. It is hardier than most yellow apples.

I just tasted one of these that I had sitting out in my office shop since last year, and although it was somewhat shriveled and not as juicy as frsh picked, I was amazed that it still had good tart, lemony flavor!  I think this one has some legs and am becoming more impressed with it as I see it every year.

Rezista® fruit varieties, which were bred in Europe recently, are unique for their disease resistances and tolerances for many of the most common apple diseases, including apple scab, mildew, fire blight, and bacterial canker. In some varieties, apple scab resistance is provided by multiple genes, which offer much improved and longer lasting resistance to apple scab. Most current "scab-resistant" apple varieties rely on a single gene to provide resistance. Research in Europe has shown that scab resistance provided by a single gene can be overcome by mutations in the strains of apple scab present in a grower's orchard. The Rezista® apple varieties were bred to provide when possible multiple gene resistance and promise to provide better and much longer lasting resistance.

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