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Malling 26 Dwarf Apple Rootstock

Malus rootstock 'EMLA 26 clonal rootstock'
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EMLA 26 (40-50%) rootstock is a highly productive rootstock producing trees in the intermediate range between Malling 9 clones and EMLA 7. It is winter hardy and fairly well anchored, but usually should be supported in the orchard. It will tolerate most well drained and sandy soils, but is susceptible to phytophthera. EMLA 26 is highly susceptible to fire blight infestation--- the few suckers it may produce should be removed and varieties that are highly susceptible to fire-blight should be avoided. Sometimes the bud union can be brittle. Often one will see on older trees the budded variety over-growing the bud union and rootstock. This is a common clue that a tree may be budded onto EMLA 26. Care needs to be taken in planting the graft union high enough so that scion rooting does not take place. However, EMLA 26 is susceptible to dogwood borer infestation when young, so covering the bud union for a couple years will keep this pest from burrowing into the EMLA 26 rootstock. When the bark becomes thicker and tougher, you can pull the soil away before scion rooting occurs.

The Malling rootstock series often go by slightly different names depending on whether or not they are virus-free selections or not. However, if the word Malling is used in the name, you can be sure that they originated at the East Malling Research Station in England, where researchers developed most of the popular apple rootstocks being used by apple growers today. They still are developing new rootstocks as the commercial industry changes and develops new requirements.

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