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Beacon Apple

Malus domestica 'Beacon'
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Beacon is an excellent early summer apple with juicy, mild sub-acid flesh.  It is good fro fresh eating and cooking, but does not store well.  The fruit is medium to large size and ripens over a relatively long period in August.  The tree is very hardy, reportedly to -50 degrees.  The apple is orangish-red striped over a yellow background.  The tree is vigorous, productive and heavy bearing.

Alternate names:  Fenton, Early Delicious, Miller Red

Beacon was developed in Minnesota and introduced in 1936.  It goes by several names.  Grandpa grew it as Fenton and marketed hundreds of bushels in the summer at the market.  It is a Melinda and Wealthy cross.  This is not the same Fenton variety that was described in 1873 though.

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