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Grandpa loved to share and improve his knowledge. Here he is discussing peach varieties and culture with his good friend Paul Friday, breeder of all the Flamin'Fury peach varieties.

Grandpa was a fruit grower all his life, so he became a real fountain of backyard fruit growing knowledge, wisdom and common sense for his friends. Not only did he know how to grow the best fruit for the market, he knew what worked well for the garden orchard, too. Click on a subject below to learn more about a particular area of backyard fruit production.

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Beware! Ole Grandpa can get a little pithy when it comes to talking about planting, pollination, spring or fall planting, soil additives, trimming, training, fertilizing, critters, harvesting, mulching, dwarf or semi-dwarf, spraying, chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, organic, etcetera...even about Grandma too!

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