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Gracious Hybrid Plum

Prunus hybrid 'Gracious'

Gracious has attractive yellow-orange, mottled fruit with yellow-orange flesh.  It is a semi-clingstone, with firm, sweet, pleasing flavor, good for all uses.  The tree is vigorous and hardy.  Later blooming and seems to pollinate well with Superior.

Gracious Hybrid Plum Pricing

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10-12 Feet



10-12 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 3-8


A Little History about Gracious Hybrid Plum

Gracious was developed in North Dakota and introduced around 1957.

Prunus hybrid 'Gracious' Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Character
Thin early for size
Thin heavily for size
Early blooming
Excellent pollinizer
Pollinizer needed
Disease Resistance
Crack resistance
Fruit Characteristics
Small fruited
Growth Rate/Habit
Spreading habit
Very vigorous
Early to bear
Very productive
Harvest Period
Early summer
Concentrated harvest
Other Attributes
Very juicy
Grandpa's Choice™
Short shelf-life
Sub-acid flavor
Site Requirements
Full Sun
Winter hardy
Skill Required
Easy to grow
Cooking or baking
Canning or freezing
High dessert quality