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Apache Apricot

Apache Apricot

Apache Apricot

Prunus armeniaca 'Apache'

Apache is one of the newest and earliest apricots.  The fruit is average sized with a pinkish-orange skin.  The orange flesh is smooth and finely textured.  It is freestone.

Apache Apricot Pricing

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12-18 Feet



10-15 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 5-8


Prunus armeniaca 'Apache'
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips

Apache requires cross-pollination from other apricots to set good crops.


A Little History about Apache Apricot

Apache was bred in California and introduced by the University of California-Davis and the USDA.

Prunus armeniaca 'Apache' Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Character
Thin heavily for size
Early blooming
Excellent pollinizer
Pollinizer needed
Fruit Characteristics
Medium size fruit
Growth Rate/Habit
Spreading habit
Average vigor
Early to bear
Very productive
Harvest Period
Very early season
Concentrated harvest
Other Attributes
Short shelf-life
Site Requirements
Full Sun
Winter hardy
Skill Required
Average skill
Canning or freezing
High dessert quality
Good for drying