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It's easy to order, just click a picture or variety and "Add it to your Cart".

The Grandpa's Orchard™ website allows the backyard fruit grower to order online and purchase the most proven disease resistant, antique, heritage, unique, and common bareroot fruit tree varieties on dwarf, semi-dwarf, semi-standard and standard rootstocks.

At this time, only the trees which were available for Fall shipment are posted.  However, after the Fall shipping season, we will update availability to Spring availability, which is usually much larger. 

Please know that you can still place an order now for spring shipment, and add and change it when spring availability is posted too.  Please note on your order that you want Spring shipment.  Thank you.

Please check out the shipping updates on the home page for current status of where we are shipping to.

If you have a need for a more specific shipping time, please note it when placing the order.  Thanks! 

Click on a picture to the right to see varieties in that category of fruit tree. 

Items with a pricebar are usually in stock may be ordered and added to your cart for shipment.  

Items without a pricebar may be listed just for information and are not available at this time, but you may want to check back periodically as sometimes there are cancellations or other changes in availability.

Grandpa's Choice™ varieties are the best apple, pear, peach, nectarine, sweet cherry, tart cherry, plum, prune, and apricot varieties.
Grandpa's Nature Friendly™ varieties all have proven natural disease resistance and tolerance.
Grandpa's Orchard™ tries to carry many varieties on special rootstocks, including Gisela®, MxM®, and Maxma® for cherry; Geneva™ and EMLA for apple; OHxF for pear; and other roots for the most sophisticated backyard fruit growers.
Go the "Growing Tips" page for maturity and pollination reference guides for most of the varieties Grandpa offers.

Our SPRING INVENTORY, for spring shipping season, is usually posted from mid-November through May.
Our FALL INVENTORY, for possible fall shipment depending on which hardiness zone you may live in, is usually posted from June through October.
Click on any item below or a picture to the right to sort for just those types you are looking for. If that variety is available the pricing box will show up with all the rootstock and size selections available. Click and add one to your cart. Continue shopping to add more selections.
When you are done shopping, go to the secure checkout, where you can calculate UPS with the little tool in the bottom right corner of the checkout page. When you check out, we only get an authorization on your credit card. We do not charge your card until just before we ship your order in the Spring or Fall.

CUSTOMER PICKUPS:  If you are close to Grandpa's Orchard in Southwest Michigan and would rather pickup your trees, we can arrange a CPU at Grandpa's home in Coloma  by appointment.  Please go ahead and place your order online to reserve your stock.  In the comments box when you order, indicate that your want to pick up and not have your trees shipped.  We will delete/credit out the UPS charges that are automatically entered on your order.  Remember, we do NOT charge your card at this time, just get an authorization for a later final charge.  Thanks!

After you place your order, you should get an email from us indicating that your order has been placed.  If you do not get an acknowledgement email or have any other types of problems ordering, please let us know.  You can contact Grandpa directly at  We apoligize if you have any trouble and will work to correct the problem.  Thanks!

If you don't want to buy just yet, then the "Shopping List" function will allow you to keep track of your favorites. Just make sure to print out your list when you are done. Sorry, you won't be able to convert your "Shopping List" into an order. You will have to add individual items to your "Cart".

Don't worry if you make a mistake or forget something, contact us via email and we will make the change for you.  You can also "View your Pending Order Status" at the top of the page. Remember to use your email address as your log-in and a password that you can remember. If you have any trouble, contact us, and we can help you order and fix any mistakes.  




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